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ageuta cosmetics
“Healthy skin is beautiful skin”. This is AGEUTA’s motto, a young and dynamic Piedmontese company, established in 2012 with the aim of creating and commercializing effective anti-aging treatments, based on high-quality beneficial ingredients.
Dr. Ermanno Margaglia, an aesthetic surgeon, successfully committed in the maxillo-facial field, has developed our line EQUILIBRIO , which offers our customers a completely different approach from a medical and cosmetic
point of view.
Our philosophy is much more than just a catchy slogan.
Thanks to our line EQUILIBRIO, not only do we want to give our customers the certainty of a satisfying result, but above all make them aware of the validity of a product developed through scientific lab studies and controlled and certified production chain. Besides, all of our partners are carefully selected to make sure they share our values and ideals of beauty and perfection.
AGEUTA’s mission is old but at the same time very modern: reconciling interiority and exteriority in one ideal of perfection. The ancient Greeks used to say “what is beautiful is also good”; aesthetics and ethics are, according to us, two fundamental and indissoluble elements of the human being.

Our story is characterized by such values as sincerity, professionalism and honesty, both with ourselves and above all with our customers.
Our products help skin regenerate, that’s why we want to explain that beautiful skin must be healthy. Both our anti-aging and slimming creams contain percentages of active ingredients higher than any other cosmetic manufacturer: this is what makes the difference.

Thanks to the particular single-pack and to “airless” technology, line EQUILIBRIO preserves the purity and freshness of the active ingredients without losing effectiveness. Every capsule contains the perfect amount of fresh active principles and the special formulas for every type of skin.
AGEUTA is an innovative and expanding company that constantly searches for beauty.
Our values do not just involve exteriority, but they are a harmonious EQUILIBRIO (BALANCE) between pleasure and virtue.